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A wide range of technologies and techniques are used in industrial automation to automate various aspects of manufacturing.


There are industrial robots that can perform repetitive or hazardous tasks, such as welding, painting, or assembly. Programmable and able to work 24/7, they can adapt to a variety of products and production lines.

Machine vision

In machine vision systems, cameras and software are used to inspect products and parts for defects. Detecting and correcting errors in real-time ensures consistent and high-quality products.


Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems are used to controlling and monitor different machines and processes in a manufacturing facility. They can collect data and provide real-time feedback to operators and managers, allowing them to optimize production and reduce downtime.

IIoT and Big Data

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Big Data technologies can provide insights into different aspects of manufacturing processes, from machine performance to supply chain management. By collecting and analyzing data, manufacturers can identify inefficiencies, improve quality, and reduce costs.

Manufacturing has been revolutionized by automation. Machines and software are used in industrial automation services to control and monitor manufacturing processes, making them more efficient, reliable, and cost-effective. The purpose of this article is to explore the benefits of industrial automation services and how they are used in different industries.

Product Support

Product Support

    • PLC(Programmable Logic Controller)
    • VFI(Variable frequency inverter)
    • HMI(Human machine interface)
    • Servo drive
    • DC drive
    • Industrial sensor and switch
    • Low voltage device
    • Microcontroller
    • Electrical, electronics equipment, and device
    • Robotics

Product Support

    1. Customized & Internet controlled LED Display solution
    2. Low cost Industrial Automation solution which is complicated using PLC
    3. Industrial Machine to Machine data communication using Radio Frequency
    4. Data acquisition from any machine and save it locally or transmit it to the web server using Microcontroller ( like as small SCADA)
    5. Various Low Cost Industrial Sensor interfacing.
    6. Customized Power Factor corrector design.
    7. Remote controlled Machine status check using GSM-Mobile technology.
    8. Fingerprint and RFID based time attendance system.
    9. Customized and remotely accessible anti-theft security system and fire alarm system design.

Product Support

    1. PC base industrial Automation
    2. SCADA(supervisory control and data acquisition)
    3. DCS(distributed control system)
    4. New industrial Automation installation
    5. Plan erection and commissioning
    6. Industrial automation troubleshooting
    7. PLC programming, installation and troubleshooting
    8. HMI programming, installation and troubleshooting
    9. Inverter programming, installation and troubleshooting
    10. Servo drive programming, installation and troubleshooting
    11. Electrical machine erection, commissioning, and troubleshooting

Training Support

Are you an engineer? Are you currently employed in an industry’s Maintenance and Installation Department? We offer specialized training tailored to your needs! Additionally, we provide corporate training facilities. If you require automation or microcontroller-related corporate training, please reach out to our Research and Development Department. We will be in touch shortly. For corporate training inquiries, kindly send us a proposal along with your company profile.

Industrial Attachments

Students pursuing Diplomas in Engineering, B.Sc in Engineering, and M.Sc in Engineering are welcome to participate in our Industrial Attachment program. Our program boasts a team of dedicated instructors specializing in relevant topics.

We offer a hands-on curriculum enriched with practical coursework, providing credit-bearing work experience within a professional environment. During this attachment, students actively apply and acquire knowledge and skills pertinent to their field.

Furthermore, we provide project support for university students.

Training Program

Certified Professional Industrial Automation

    • Certified Professional Industrial Automation
    • Industrial Automation(PLC,VFI)
    • Industrial Automation(PLC, Inverter, DC Converter,Servo, HMI)
    • SIEMENS Industrial Automation (Siemens all PLC, Inverter, HMI)
    • SCADA(Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)
    • AC Drive, DC Drive, Servo Drive, Stepper Control

Certified Professional In Embedded Systems

    • Microcontroller & Robotics (Arduino)
    • Embedded LPCB Designing & Fabricationinux Developer
    • Java Programming (OOP & Threading)
    • Android Application Development
    • Python Programming(OOP)
    • Raspberry Pi 2 Developer
    • C, C++ and Embedded C programming(OOP)
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