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Mitsubishi PLC CPU (FX1N-24MR-001

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  • Brands Mitsubishi
  • Product Model: FX1N-24MR-001
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The Mitsubishi PLC CPU FX1N-24MR-001 stands out as one of the most versatile PLCs in the automation industry. Renowned for its simplicity compared to other series, the FX1N-24MR-001 is a compact yet powerful Programmable Logic Controller. Equipped with robust built-in positioning tools, including two 100KHz pulse train outputs and up to two 60KHz high-speed counters, this PLC streamlines engineering processes, reduces costs, and conserves physical space.

Expanding its capabilities through enhanced built-in functions and flexible expansion options, the Mitsubishi PLC CPU FX1N-24MR-001 offers an extensive range of applications. While maintaining its core functionality, including input and output modules and a built-in CPU, the FX1N-24MR-001 excels in performance enhancement. Featuring 14 digital inputs and 10 relay outputs in AC, this PLC can be extended to accommodate up to 128 points, ensuring scalability to suit diverse requirements.

Specifications for the Mitsubishi PLC CPU FX1N-24MR-001 include:

  • Manufacturer Series: FX1N
  • Number of Inputs: 14
  • Input Type: Digital
  • Voltage Category: 100-240V AC
  • Power Consumption: 30W
  • Output Types: Relay
  • Number of Outputs: 10
  • Program Capacity: 8000 steps
  • Programming Interface: Computer
  • Programming Language: Ladder Logic
  • Width: 90 mm
  • Length: 90 mm
  • Depth: 75 mm
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C to +55°C

Special Features:

  • LED indicators for input and output status
  • Exchangeable interface and input-output adapter boards for seamless integration
  • Integrated serial interface for communication between personal computers and HMIs
  • Standard programming unit interface
  • Variable voltage range from 12 to 24V DC

Condition: New Warranty: 12 Months


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